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Content Marketing All-Stars Q&A: Dave Savoy of Farmers Insurance

Thanks to the team over Native AI for their write up of an interview I gave a couple of weeks ago. 

The interview ranged from a deep-dive into Digital and Content marketing at Farmers Life to the role content and digital in particular plays in our overall marketing portfolio.

Here are just a few of the discussion highlights:

On the importance of digital content
I’m focused on using digital channels to increase our sales within our existing households also to acquire new customers. It plays a huge role for us. That means digital content is an especially key area for the life insurance team to focus on, because it’s a cost-effective way to connect with customers.

We have articles in a section called Inner Circle, which we are in the process of transitioning into more of a blog. There’s written content on our product pages and explanatory videos, which we’re trying to do more of. And we have interactive assets such as calculators. We try to match the content to what consumers want on each channel. So, we do a lot of testing and use different elements in different places.

On KPIs and measuring success 
Every piece of content and every channel that we’re marketing across has its own metrics. That lets us measure the health of each channel and the relative success of what we are publishing.
At the end of the day our overarching goal is to drive consumer engagement with our agents. On our site that has two elements: the agent locator and the get-a-quote option. And each of those is trackable, so we can match content to taking those actions.

Check out the full interview here.