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March 2017 Webinar on One-to-one Social Marketing Engagement

Thanks to Aaron @ Incite and my fellow panelists for a very insightful discussion on challenges facing marketers in how to activate engaging, personalized social marketing.

We discussed using social media to cut through the wall of noise, and meaningful engage customers is 
1) No longer preferable, but critical for business success, and 
2) …Easier said than done.

Hear proven and powerful solutions on the following:

-Get closer to your customer: Move from brand engagement to brand affinity – how social can drive authentic, human interaction to strengthen your brand
-Build a meaningful dialogue: Customer-centric businesses allow customers to have a meaningful role in building their engagement strategy. Social’s role in this process is critical
-Keep the conversation going: Using social to hook your audience is just the beginning. Hear how to sustain customer engagement and loyalty, long after the initial connection

-James Royer, Kansas City Chiefs, Director of Digital Media & Strategy
-Heather Taylor,The Economist, Director, Creative Strategy
-Dave Savoy, Farmers Insurance, Director, Digital Marketing and Strategy
-Aaron Jackson, Incite Group, Project Director